Sunday, June 9, 2013

YUGI-AR Update #14 (Free Download)

update #14- 60MB

Note: the image of the cards i used are in the pattern folder, also use black sleeves and a white playmat or table.

download here:

3d models inside:

back of official yugioh card

kuriboh (upgraded)


dark magician girl


adhesive explosion

obelisk the tormentor (jump)

winged dragon of ra (jump) (upgraded)

slifer the sky dragon (jump) (upgraded)


blue-eyes white dragon (LC-01)



winged kuriboh


blue-eyes ultimate dragon

dd scout plane

black potan


cyber jar


mucus yolk

needle ball

kuribon (upgraded)


buster blader

dark elf (mrd)

mystical elf (lcyw)



archfiend of gilfer

castle of dark illusion

big insect


mirror ladybug

skull marked ladybug

4-starred ladybug of doom

golden ladybug

naturia ladybug


malefic blue-eyes white dragon

red eyes black dragon

red eyes darkness metal dragon

crawling dragon


spirit reaper

reaper of the cards

white potan

hitotsu-me giant


skull servant

king of the skull servants

saggi the dark clown

mystic horseman


flame swordsman

celtic guardian

obnoxious celtic guard

feral imp

giltia the d knight

robotic knight


basic insect

blackland fire dragon

axe raider

armored lizard


dark resonator

mad archfiend

black rose dragon

red dragon archfiend

big piece golem


iron chain dragon

stardust dragon

stardust spark dragon

wall of ivy

dark magician


Saturday, November 3, 2012

YUGI-AR Question & Answers

when I double click on YuGi - AR.exe it says MSVCR71.dll is missing. Therefore YuGi - AR can't be started.
I have got no idea of what I should do.

the MSVCR71.dll file is in the YUGI-Ar folder ... and you need a copy of it in the local disk "c:/windows/system32" folder on your computer.... also if the app ask for anything else, check to see if it's in the yugi-ar folder and add a copy of that file to system32 folder too :)